Internet-Ordained Clergy, Online Gambling, and the Regulation of Online Video

A few items that caught my eye last week-

  • According to the National Law Journal, “Internet-ordained ministers are legal in all 50 states, except for certain counties in Virginia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, where the practice has faced legal challenges in the past decade.” I wonder how those counties feel about weddings officiated by Rolling Stone-ordained clergy. Anyway, check out this NLJ article highlighting some of the risks presented by Internet ministers.
  • CNET’s News Blog featured a detailed post on the ins and outs of online gambling, including the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, lobbying efforts to scale back the law, and the purported benefits of playing poker.
  • The Progress & Freedom Foundation’s Adam Thierer shares his concerns relating to some current attitudes toward the regulation of online video, as evidenced by a recent 463 Communications/Zogby International survey. Adam’s post links to the survey, which includes a number of other ‘interesting’ findings.

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