RipOffReport Litigation

At one point I was tempted to post on all of the litigation pending against, but soon realized what a massive undertaking that would be. Yesterday, however, I found a blogger who has already taken on the challenge. Please note that I haven’t a clue what a “Mozzer” is.

I could be wrong, but I believe the author has been involved in litigation with RipOffReport in the past.


Oral Argument in Craigslist litigation

The Seventh Circuit will hear oral argument (fifteen minutes per side) in Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law, Inc. v. Craigslist Inc. on February 15, 2008. We won’t know the panel’s composition until the morning of, but I’m crossing my fingers Judge Easterbrook will be selected so we can see how his thinking has evolved, if at all, since the Circuit’s 2003 GTE ruling. The GTE panel also included Circuit Judges Bauer and Wood.

While I don’t expect to be live-blogging the argument, I will certainly be there scratching out some notes. Please tap me (the tie-less guy) on the shoulder if you’re able to make it to Court that day.

For a refresher, check out my 2006 guest post on May It Please The Court. Interested in reading the appellate briefs? Click here, and enter the case number (07-1101).