Feds make a call to a domain name registrar, websites go dark

Last week it was a federal judge ordering a controversial website’s domain name registrar to effectively pull the plug on its customer.

This week it’s somebody at the U.S. Treasury Department directing a DNR to cut the cord to websites operated by an Englishman living in Spain, according to a piece by the New York Times’ Adam Liptak.

Website operators, civil liability obviously isn’t the only thing you need to be thinking about on the legal front. Given any thought recently to the arrangement you have with your domain name registrar?

UPDATE: Check out this timely post from an Irish IT law blog on the subject of domain name registrars.


One thought on “Feds make a call to a domain name registrar, websites go dark

  1. A bit late, but this might provide a clue what happened:


    [quote]If my experience with the Treasury Dept. is any guide, it’s not that they told eNom to block a site. Instead, they probably told eNom that it was illegal to do trade with Cuba (or profit from it), and that since this travel did business there, and eNom profited as the registrar of the name, eNom might be violating U.S. law.[/quote]

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