Section 230 On Appeal (47 USC 230(c)(1))

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My name is Michael Erdman, and I’m a partner at the Chicago law firm of Teeple Leonard & Erdman. I concentrate my practice on civil and commercial litigation, including insurance coverage (policyholders), real estate (brokers and websites), antitrust, contract and tort matters, in addition to general business representation.  More of my biographical information can be found here.

Contact Information:
Michael H. Erdman
Teeple Leonard & Erdman
Attorneys at Law
230 W. Monroe Street
Suite 2220
Chicago, Illinois 60606-4902
312/242-1585 (direct)
312/422-1906 (facsimile)

Sending an email to me or any other TLE attorney or TLE employee, or submitting a comment to an OLB post, does not constitute giving legal notice, and does not create a privileged or confidential attorney-client or other relationship. Unless you have formally become a client of mine, do not email, submit via a comment, or otherwise share with me any confidential, privileged or proprietary information. While I try to respond to all legitimate emails, I cannot make any promises to that effect.

Written by Michael Erdman

Thursday, August 16, 2007 at 12:25 pm


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